A Roadtrip (Part 1)

Early in October me and my husband decided to go on a road trip from our place in Dorset to Munich. It was my Grandma’s 80th birthday. Plans were made, tickets for the Eurotunnel were booked- what could go wrong….well-you haven’t met us nor have I mentioned that my husband is working for a Chinese company. Sure enough a week before we wanted to leave he got called to be present for a training in Guangzhou on the 9th. In travelling time that means he has to leave the UK on the 7th to make it on time. So the tickets were re-booked, the plans got changed and off we go. „We“ until Heathrow because from there I would drive on by myself. We managed to get all the necessary equipment for the car in time- in time means in our case that the moment we left the village to start our journey we realised that we hadn’t packed either, the in most countries required, First-Aid-Kit, nor the high-visibility vests never to even mention the warning triangle. Well, so the first stop wasn’t somewhere on the M5 to go for a wee but the next big Tesco. After neither the garage nor the shop had any of the required pieces apart from the First-Aid-Kit we stopped at another garage to be more successful which left only the GB sticker to be purchased. Paul drove to the airport, I took over and off we went in different directions.

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A day in West Bay

Let’s go out for a walk in West Bay! It is known for being one of the locations of the series “Broadchurch” and being Bridport’s harbour. It was a sunny day (again…) and that meant most of Britain would be en route. When we arrived at the parking lot I had hardly any hope for us to find a spot- but I spied with my little eye and got the last one! Let me advise you to always check the last spaces in parking lines, they are often mistaken for “half-spaces” even though they are not. Hahaha- isn’t it great that a parking spot can make my day?

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4 Years 1 Tree

Finally, our own Christmas tree!

Finally, after 3 moves in 3 different countries we have arrived in a place where we can settle and start celebrating Christmas following our own rules. For the past few years we have either been guests or travelling around the world but we have never had our own tree. So this year I got so excited that we already bought our tree in November. Yes, crazy! BUT my husband had just gotten his roster and we knew that he wouldn’t be home for Christmas. Which is why, there and then, we made the decision that we had to stop following anybody’s rules but our own.

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The story behind the name

Why Annahousen?

When my boyfriend at the time, now husband, first visited me in Germany I was still living in Maisach. Maisach is a small town outside of Munich and well connected by train. So one day we took the train into Munich for some sightseeing. As you can imagine, having taken this train for all my life, I know every station it passes on its way into town. But Paul didn’t – and so he was amused when the train stopped in a place called Lochhausen. For me it wasn’t unusual as there are many places in Germany that end on “-hausen” but for him it was.

Looking at the origin of “-hausen” it seems obvious that it is related to Haus (german word for house). It was first used between the 5th and the 7th century and describes the first settlements around that time. Villages that end on -hausen therefor are very often some of the oldest.

Anyway, Paul found the ending “-housen” so funny that it became a thing between the two of us and soon after my new nickname was found: Annahousen.

So there you go, a Hausen on her way to settle down.

Trying not to be a killjoy! …and making mushroom biltong

As mentioned in my post for my friend Laura’s Blog veganvsmeat we had a special rule for this years present giving. It was DIY and charity shop gifts only. Now I had a pretty easy time doing all my presents secretly and having them wrapped up by the time my family arrived. My husband was away working 3 weeks prior to Christmas, my stepdaughters were with their mother and our mums hadn’t arrived for their holiday yet either. My husband on the other hand had nothing prepared at all when he arrived. We ended up going shopping together and he had his own secret bag I wasn’t allowed to even look at. Carrying the bags into the house I did see loads of mushrooms though and made a stupid remark along the lines of whom he was planning to give mushrooms to (as it surely couldn’t be me because I hate mushrooms). After being told off for looking “into” his bags I forgot about the situation. A few days later the magic happened and I felt totally stupid and really sorry for destroying his surprise. He meant to make me vegetarian biltong, which in the end are seasoned and dehydrated mushrooms, but after I had shut him down I didn’t get any. What I did get was a little taster though which I reluctantly tried and…LOVED!!!

So here I am making this lovely mushroom snack for myself and hoping you can learn from my mistakes. Because sometimes you should just allow other people to surprise you.

Dehydrated Mushroom Snack:

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That English weather

“Don’t move to London!”they said. “It will be raining every day!” they said.

Well thank god I didn’t move to London but England (which is not the same, as England is bigger than just London!). And yes, obviously the weather isn’t great in winter but it’s not winter for 12 months a year so I will remain positive. But having my mum here for a Christmas holiday had me actually hoping for some nice weather. I wanted her to see the beauty of the landscape, especially after it was her first visit.

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the who, the why and the what

Life has changed since I was born. Well, obviously it has – but what I am referring to is the way we behave under the influence of media. There are many negative changes due to media which is why I want to use it to make some positive ones! I think we should spread more love. If I can share how little things make me happy and one person smiles while reading about it I am making this world a happier place.

But first a few words about myself: No, my name is not Annahousen, it is just Anna! I am 28 years old and currently living in Dorset in the UK. “Currently” because life takes us wherever it wants if we just let it. For the past 4 years I have been living in Hong Kong where love had taken me to, but that’s another story. Originally I am German, a real Muenchner Kindl, and grew up in a small village just outside of Munich. Spending most of my childhood in trees and fields I grew up to love nature and doing things myself. Apart from that I love travelling. India, Bali, Italy the world has no boundaries. Being married to a pilot who has children in the UK has made me travel too much in the past few years though and I am hoping to be able to stay at our new home for more than 6 weeks at a time for a change…well, here is hoping!

This blog won’t be about me hugging trees (…actually I might do that once in a while though) but about the little things that make me happy, the big things that won’t necessarily make me happier and the things I find important enough to talk about. What will be written really depends on what life serves me.

I hope I can make you smile!

Love, Annahousen